1. How to increase the number of our young riders, how to increase the activity of national delegates

  • 18.11.2005

    Have read Mr Musil's proposal for the Junior category for the ages of 14 to 18 years. I believe that for most riders who leave the Minime class, the first year in Cadet is very difficult and they are normally at the bottom of the results. Presently, they only have one more year in Cadet where maybe they will have a chance of doing well. They then have to move to Senior and once again they are generally at the bottom of the results. This can be very demoralising for these young riders at a time when they have so many other destractions in life. A period of 4 years in a Junior category will at least give them a good opportunity to be competitive in that class for a long time and hopefully keep them interested in BikeTrial. I therefore agree with the idea.

    Stuart Matthews

  • 7.11.2005

    Another possibility to be taken in account is the promotion of BikeTrial "Schools"

    This kind of Schools exists in several points of Spain, usually independent of the regular school, but sometimes in relation with. It's something different than a "club" because kids follow weekly classes in order to improve its technical skills under a teacher advice and supervision.

    Already discussed inside Spanish delegation.
    Enric Rubio and Marius Molla

  • 31.10.2005

    More young riders

    1. In the UK we have seen a fall in the number of young riders at both club and national competitions. In an attempt to spread the word of BikeTrial the 'Essex BikeTrial Club' (Southeast of England) has spoken with the local 'Boy Scouts' association. The Scouts have a park which they use for camping, climbing, canoeing etc....... (generally any activity that is challenging and fun to try). It has been proposed (and accepted) that BikeTrial will be offered as an activity to the Scouts, initially once a month at the weekends. It is planned that a number of bikes will be supplied and experienced riders/parents will take it in turns to teach the Scouts. Hopefully this will create more interest in our local area. If this is successful it had the potential to be developed on a nationwide scale as the scout association is very large in our country. One of the difficulties may be obtaining support from a bike manufacturer to supply the bikes required (originally aimed at five).

    2. From the number of small exhibitions that I have organised in and around my home town, not only is it good to have top-level riders performing 'amazing' skills but it is also a good idea to have a separate area marked out with a few pallets & logs where children/spectators have the chance to try BikeTrial for the first time. We have found several new riders like this. It is important that this area is always supervised for safety and security reasons.

    Stuart John Matthews

  • 17.10.2005

    I think it would be useful if all delegates would present their own experiences with trying new things what they have done with young riders

    For example:
    Czech Republic - in past 3 years the number of active riders increase about 100 %. Japan - the experience with interesting "TOYS" for small riders...

    Who else has another experience?

    Libor Musil

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