• 2012 World BikeTrial Championship

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    Final Agenda (30.03.2012) of the 1st round of European cup 2012 - Valderrobles
    Final Agenda

    Please read carefully following last info from organizer about application process. Deadline is 20th April!!! Otherwise you have to pay starting fee 50,-€! See all of you in Valderrobres. Your EBU.

    Dear Libor, Enclosed you the definitive poster and agenda (agenda is the same).

    Please inform to all delegates from Europe and riders!

    The operation of registration it's the same that the World Championship.
    The delegate of the country to send the mail with all riders before the deadline. On the agenda indicates date and mail to send registration. (Individual entries are accepted, but PLEASE, send the delegate that, for greater flexibility of organization).

    The pre-registered riders, paid on Saturday in Valderrobres (NOT before by bank).

    The NOT registered, you can point on Saturday but paying 50 €

    Administracion BAC / BUE
    BikeTrial Associacio Catalana
    BikeTrial Union Espanola

    Pictures from sections building in Valderrobles.
    Are you looking forward there?
    Photo 1 and Photo 2

  • Spanish Championship (17.-18.3.) is also available for international riders
    Dear riders,
    Enclosed you will find the information about the first round of Spain Championship. next 17-18 march in Torredembarra. 25° edition!

    Riders from outside Spain who want to participate, pre-registration can be made by sending mail and form. pay the race day € 15.
    If the rider's don't send pre-registration, pay the day of the race € 25.

    Administracion BAC / BUE
    BikeTrial Associacio Catalana
    BikeTrial Union Espanola

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  • BikeTrial season 2012 has begun in Torredembarra in Catalonia
    More info here...

  • Dear friends
    We have just finished a great weekend with two competitions in the Swedish Championship.
    I think that the boys and girls are a bit exhausted now after 40 sections in two days.
    I'll attach the results.

    Results 13.8.2011
    Results 14.8.2011

    Sincerely yours
    Roger Backgren
    Swedish delegate

  • BikeTrial - sport for Swedish countryside!

    Dear friends.
    Last week was arranged the world's largest camp for scouts in Sweden, a festival with nearly 50 000 people in addition to socialize and exchange experiences also treated to several performances. On one of these shows where everyone gathered as spectators showed many of our skilled trial cyclists off their tricks and skills. It was Peter Bäckgren which through cycling friends in Gothenburg got in touch with the director and creative director for the shows, and soon began to discuss how bike trial could be in appearance under the theme "Things to do in the Swedish countryside." After many emails and meetings with the ideas, they came up with a concept, bike trial should be presented before the big show really broke loose, a show that also contained the MC trial acquaintance Swedish Hampus Fardby and his Bikeshow.se.

    Peter gathered up the riders who wanted to be in the show, and planned a trip around southern Sweden with stops at various places of interest for trial riders. Much thanks to Hawkhills Club from Knäred was ten riders on two scenes for nearly an hour cycling infront of an audience that included about 50 000 people from nearly 150 countries. Hopefully this demonstration provided bike trial much exposure in the media and got many curious about the sport.

    Have a look at Nadines pictures from the week:

    Sincerely yours
    Roger Backgren
    Swedish delegate

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