Photos EC Hook Wood 2008 - Funny pictures

For BT outsiders - a jump section, no place for rabbits! tn_IMG_0272.jpg, 22 kB

Dave Bradley even had the rubbish in hand - excellent! tn_IMG_0275.jpg, 21 kB

Beautiful car, but what to do when it starts to snow . . . ? tn_IMG_0278.jpg, 12 kB

Came early to get a good view tn_IMG_0279.jpg, 23 kB

You will look like this if you don't train enough. Difficult section! tn_IMG_0281.jpg, 27 kB

tn_IMG_0303.jpg, 25 kB

tn_IMG_0365.jpg, 9 kB

This is undoubtedly compulsory equipment for every rider - well, at least the lady riders
tn_IMG_0371.jpg, 11 kB