Name: Václav Kolář
Date of birth: 1. 4. 1991
Country: Czech Republic
European champion 2004
Category: Minime

My name is Vašek Kolář. In April I will be fourteen. I ride in Minime category and in the Czech Republic in Cadet. I ride the bike Monty that I was given for the first place in the World Championship. The sponsors do not like this sport very much but in spite of this fact I have two of them: Infotel and Meat fly. My home club in Blansko is sponsored by Prins, brewery Černá Hora, town Blansko, FPO.
Blansko is my home town.

I started to ride the bike when I was six so I have been riding from my early childhood. I have been doing biketrial for seven years.
In 1996 there was the World Championship in Blansko. I went to see it and I liked that sport very much. Two days after I went to enter the AMK Blansko club with my Daddy. They gave me a bike. It was better BMW it weight 16 kg but I was very happy that I have it!

My fist competition was very interesting but I cannot remember it at all. I only know that I was on the eight place just because of the fact many riders gave it up. I rode the Czech and Moravian competition. In 1999 after a good winter preparation I started to win and I moved up to the Championship of the Czech Republic. In 2000 I surprisingly won Championship of the Czech Republic and I was nominated for the World Championship. First year I only collected new experience but I was seventh in my category.
That year I borrowed my bike to one competitor. He said it was really heavy. All the riders from the foreign countries had better bikes than the Czech riders. No Czech had money for such a good bike but we were very good with our old bikes and the Czech team was all the times in the front places.
In 2001 I was given by AMK Blansko club by the newest Monty bike and I went to the World Championship again. I won the first competition and was happy that made it. Everybody were more than surprised and said: „Last year he was seventh and this year ho won?“
In the second competition I was third and in the third I was eighth. The fourth competition was in Japan but I could not take part in because I did not find any sponsor and money. If I had gone there and had been tenth at least I would have been the third best rider in the world. Finally I was fourth.
In 2002 I won the title world champion. It was a great success and I thought that when I was the best in the world at the age 10 – 12 I would find a lot of sponsors and my parents would not pay for me. It was not true. I also won the Championship of the Czech Republic in the higher category. In 2003 I became the world championship again and was a double world champion. During the winter I tried to find sponsors by myself and I found Infotel and Meat fly, thanks to them. It helped me a lot but it is not still enough.
In 2004 I won the Championship of the Czech Republic in the category Cadet. I also won the European Championship that took place for the first time. I won the World Championship again and became triple world champion. There are not more sponsors instead that two, thank you once again. I also won the best UAMK rider title and the best sportsman of Blansko town.

I would like to tell you something about my ideals. My ideal was Michal Matys. He would still be but he has been doing another sport now. The other are: Roman Chvojka, Benito Ros, César Canas and Honza Svoboda. I like the feeling when I am riding my section and a trainer, Mr. Kuběnka says to the boys from his team who are talented: „Did you see his work? Do it the same!“ I like it that I am also someone’s ideal.
I have also a very nice feeling when I ride speed trial (biketrial ridden for the speed limit). People ecourage you, scream goooo, cmeee, and other.

My favourite place for ridding is in France – Buthiers, Spain L’estartit, Japan – Itadori, Finland – Hanko. Blansko in the Czech Republic where I also train. Brno Kníníčky, Sportlife, Olomouc, all well organised competitions. I do not like wet and slippery track or piles of mud.

I bought snowboard this year and I like snowboarding very much. In summer I ride the bike, skate borard and from time to time I attend a school.