Guidelines for European Cup 2005

The main aim of the European Cup is to give an opportunity to take part in an international event for many European riders and to be part of a European Biketrial team throughout the whole year. The European Cup might be a good way to gain experience in organising another international event (EBC, WBC).

1. The European Cup is a series of 3 separate competitions in different parts of Europe.

2. Europe is divided into 4 zones of Biketrial countries:
- southern (Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain…)
- central (Germany, France, England, Belgium…)
- eastern (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Russia…)
- northern (Baltic states, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark…)

If there are enough organisers, then the 3 events of the European Cup will be in 3 different European zones. Ideally, the fourth zone will organise the European Biketrial Championship (EBC)

3. The deadline for the organiser’s application of a European Cup event is the end of January. The application form must be sent by the national E.B.U. delegate.

4. The E.B.U. Committee will select the organisers of EC by the end of February.

5. The organiser can be a national club with experience of organising events.

6. The European Cup should be either a National championship or National cup or Club cup of the organising country.

7. Non-European riders will be allowed to enter the event.

8. The organiser of the EC will send the time schedule and other relevant information to all national delegates of the E.B.U. and to the Committee of E.B.U. 2 months before the event.

9. The European Cup has to be organised according to international B.I.U. rules.

10. The European Cup event will be organised by a national organiser, there is no international Jury.

11. The E.B.U. Committee will draw up the official European statute for this event.

12. The E.B.U. Committee will advertise the event on; it will arrange the medals, logo and flag of the E.B.U. for the organisers.

13. It is not necessary to arrange a ceremony for the presentation of the international teams.

14. The nationality of each rider must be written in the starting list and in the results.

15. The official results of the European Cup must be sent to the E.B.U. General Secretary one week after the event.

Recorded by:
Libor Musil