Main Activities

The work of the E.B.U. is managed according to a plan which exists for the following areas:

a) organisation
- coordinating Biketrial activities in Europe with important calendar events of the E.B.U.
- determining the date and designating the organiser for the European Biketrial Championship
- assisting European countries in developing biketrial

b) sport
- Sporting events shall be held according to the rules of the B.I.U.
- Any proposal for changes in these rules must be approved by a majority in the Council of European delegates. The President of the E.B.U. shall discuss the proposal with the president of the B.I.U.

c) promotions
- expanding biketrial to other European countries
- cooperating with the European media
- running an official E.B.U. internet web site
- cooperating with European bodies and committees that link and support European sporting organisations.

d) financing
- defining the membership fee for countries joining the E.B.U.
- defining payments by the organizer of a European Championship
- each year, the Treasurer preparing a financial report for the Council of European Delegates