International observers for the European Biketrial Championship


1.1 A Chief Observer Co-Coordinator for 2005 will be Stuart Matthews. His role will be to try and obtain an equal representation of qualified observers from the countries represented at the Championship.

1.2 On Saturday a minimum of four (4) countries other than the host country should be represented in the sections. On Sunday, the number will be five (5). The Chief Observer Coordinator will compile the list of international observers available and will forward this to the event organiser. The event organiser will choose which observers he wants from the list provided.

Example of minimum number of countries represented on Sunday for 20” sections: -
Sweden (hosts) 5 sections
Spain 1 section
France 1 section
United Kingdom 1 section
Czech Republic 1 section
Slovakia 1 section

If more than five countries wish to be represented then this should be incorporated and will make the event fairer for all of the riders.

1.3 The international observer will be in overall control of the section. The organiser will supply the time keeper and punch card scorer.

1.4 Each E.B.U. delegate who will have riders competing in the European Championship will send the Chief Observer Co-Ordinator a list of qualified observers who are willing to observe at the European Championship. This list must be provided before the end of January every year. There will be a maximum of five (5) observers from each country who will be put forward by their delegate as an international observer.

1.5 At least two months prior to the European Championship the Chief Observer Coordinator will send the event organiser the list of the international observers. This will contain their addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Every observer must have an International Observers Licence issued by the E.B.U.

1.6 The organiser of the European Biketrial Championship will arrange a meeting for all observers two hours before the start of both the Saturday and Sunday competitions. This meeting will be to give the necessary instructions to each of the observers.

1.7 The organiser will supply clear identification (e.g. a colour coded T-shirt or arm band) to each of the observers so that the riders and spectators can easily identify them. The observers will also wear their International Observers Licence.

1.7 The event organiser will supply all of the clocks, punches and yellow and red warning cards to be used by the observers on each section.

1.8 The organiser will be allowed to choose what conditions and benefits he wishes to give the international observers .


2.1 A qualified observer should have at least two (2) years experience of observing at national level in their own countries and should be familiar with the Biketrial International Union (B.I.U) rules as explained in the International Technical Rules (I.T.R). The national delegate of each country will confirm that their international observers meet the required standards and will sign their application forms accordingly.

2.2 A qualified observer must be over 18 years of age.

2.3 Each qualified observer must be able to give instructions in English whilst they are observing in the competition (e.g. giving the time, penalty points, orders and instructions to the rider).

2.4 The Chief Observer Coordinator for the E.B.U. will keep a list all international observers who have been issued a licence.

Stuart Matthews